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Our Mission is to inspire and empower students to acquire, articulate, demonstrate, and value knowledge, and prepare them to have skills that help them to reach and expand their potential, prepare them to be productive, ethical, creative and compassionate life-long learners and imbibe skills that will help them reach their hightest potential and face the challenges in the life very confidently.


PASS – Prepare All Students to Success


Lighted To Lighten


Participation, Adaptability, Responsibility & Excellence

Life value teach students the fundamental morals they need, to develop into a good citizen and individual. Life values will be taught and tested by introducing in curriculum activities.

Participation: It is the act of participating or taking part in any activity or event with others in plarming /doing something.
Be a proactive and productive individual having pride in,

• Engaging and involving kids in decision making process & helps in acquiring knowledge. It aids in making the right choices in challenging circumstances.
• It is a platform to show others what we think and believe and being involved in decisions that affect our lives.
• Participation involves empowering kids. Children curiosity intrigued, their values and interests are developed, and further aids in student skill development.

Importance :

• Foster creativity and motivate kids to make connection with the content and helps in boosting academic performance.
• Enhances speaking skills, thinking skills, social interaction, and mastering time management.
• Students Participation helps teachers to know the extent of understanding the concepts and thus helps in guiding, motivating and correcting students.


The ability to be flexible and adjust to new changing circumstances, conditions, or environments.
Being adaptable is highly valued skill in school life and in workplace,

• Children who are adaptable often emerge as leaders both in classrooms and later in life.
• Helps kids think of different ways to overcome barriers and this type of critical thinking helps them throughout their life to come out from challenges.

• Students will need to develop their adaptive skills to function in the classroom and to meet new challenges in life. These skills include active learning, language skills, patience, the ability to listen, learning to be flexible, taking responsibility, inspiring others despite setbacks, being a team player, being receptive to feedback, and technology.


• A person who is adaptable can make adjustments to their expectations quickly and move on to the new set of circumstances without feeling anxiety or stress.
• Maintain a positive, engaged attitude, behavioral and skill modifications and
focus on the benefits.
• To keep pace with unexpected situations and be more successful in future
careers though.


It is a moral duty to do something or to help (or) to take care of
somebody and get the job done and accept the results of your actions.

Responsibility is something you are required to do as an upstanding member of a community.
• Responsibility is to learn something and show up to practice on time, to
ensure success.
• Good judgement and the ability to act correctly and make decisions on your

• Accepting to work for or help someone who is in a position of authority over
you, or a team member or team.
• Accepting or claiming responsibility for our mistakes instead of blaming others for what has happened.

Importance :

• Rise to the occasion and to perform better than usual when there is any kind
of unexpected situation or challenge and dealing with situation successfully.
• Being accountable for your individual actions through self-discipline, following moral principles, modelling expected behavior’s, involvement in strategies.


It is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good at something.
Excellence is being good at good thing, It means you strive to be the best you can be, and to do the best you can do.
It is Strive for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of schooling and individual.
• Key to success in life is pursuit of excellence. Pursuing excellence means you continuously grow, evolve, and become your best self-version.
• Excellence comes with commitment, focus and perseverance.
• Identifying skills that you are best in and utilizing it for making yourself better and better in the process.
• To live our highest potential /Reaching personal best performance. Believe in your ability to become better, beat the rest and you’ll see yourself up at the top.
• Believing in self, setting realistic high goals, keep learning and growing one’s skill.
• The desire to succeed, will-to win and the urge to reach once full potential. A proactive mindset gives you a clear edge over others.


• Persisting through challenges and difficulties in learning
• Perform better and better in all aspects of your life.
• Self-evaluation and feedback from others help you to gain personal excellence.
• If you are willing to embrace change, and receptive to new ideas, you will grow in this competitive world.
• You must have the courage to take your chances. Stepping out of your secure life and daring to take calculated risks will increase your chances of success.